Why Advertise on Facebook’s Audience Network?

As more and more businesses are seeing the benefit of advertising on the top social platform, the news feed is becoming more and more clogged with ads–at a certain point, they simply cannot show any more advertisements without decreasing the user’s experience. We started seeing the slowdown back in Q4 of 2016, and Facebook warned that by mid-summer 2017 they would hit a wall.

To counter this, Facebook opened up a variety of new places to put your Facebook ads, including the audience network, Instagram, Messenger, and even subscription-based streaming platforms like Hulu and Apple TV.

For business owners, this means expanding your reach and your ad visibility while lowering your CPR and avoiding possible placement calamities like Google experienced with YouTube.

Oh, did you hear about that? Everyone who’s anyone in the advertising world has heard about the backlash YouTube experienced when advertisers discovered their carefully curated ads were being shown next to hate-speech and extremist propaganda. In fact, AT&T and Verizon both pulled out from the network, saying they’d return when there was a guarantee their ads would not be shown next to controversial and obscene content.

Shortly after the debacle, Facebook grabbed hold of the advertiser pain point and updated its audience network options to do just that. Business owners and advertisers now have the option to select (or deselect) the type of content they want their ads to show next to.

Exclude-able categories include:

  • Dating
  • Debatable social issues
  • Gambling
  • Mature
  • Tragedy and conflict

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