Facebook also shows ads on a variety of other apps and feeds outside of the social media platform itself, including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and what’s known as the Facebook Audience Network (FAN). You are able to select on which of these platforms your ad shows, in an option called “placements” in Facebook ads manager.

It may seem counter-intuitive to use your Facebook advertising dollars on ads that aren’t even seen on the site, but it’s actually extremely smart to show ads on the audience network.

In this post, you’ll learn what the Facebook audience network is, and why you absolutely need to be using it to your advertising advantage. 


To be brief, the Facebook Audience Network is a collection of Facebook-approved mobile apps and websites where ads are shown. The appeal is that:

  1. The audience network greatly increases reach.
  2. The audience network offers native ads, which essentially up the user experience by making ads not feel so much like… well, ads. 
  3. The audience network allows ads to “follow” users across multiple devices and platforms.Enabling the audience network placement will significantly lower your CPR because audience network impressions offer a greater sea to fish out of. 

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