Even though online shopping is now the norm, getting customers to complete a purchase has become more challenging—online shoppers are bombarded with distractions like ads and videos, not to mention many consumers tend to consume other media on multiple devices when shopping online. According to Statista, these outside interruptions, along with internal website issues of costs, security, and efficiency can cause a shopper to forget about or intentionally abandon their online shopping basket.

Remarketing allows you to target ads to people who have engaged with your website, whether it be a specific product, page, or category. I’ll give you an example. I’ve visited both the Birchbox website and the Gazelle website in the past 30 days. While I put something in my cart on both those websites, I didn’t bite the bullet. After seeing ads from Birchbox for about a week straight, I went and finished my purchase and now regularly get targeted for specials, deals, and sales.

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