Ecommerce Marketing Strategy: Where to Start

At its most basic, ecommerce marketing strategy is about sending the right messages to the right person at the exact right moments. To do that, your marketing strategy should strive to achieve these goals:

  • Create and segment buyer personas and audiences, then match them with marketing campaigns that speak their language
  • Connect with your target audiences across their preferred devices and digital mediums
  • Stand out from the crowd enough to grab their attention and pique their interest enough to want to learn more
  • Create enough desire and urgency to nudge them into buying your product
  • Convince them to make repeat purchase and become a brand ambassador

To accomplish these goals, your ecommerce marketing strategy should incorporate several different tactics:

  1. Undergo a digital competitive analysis to find out where your marketing strategy is lacking compared to your top competitors
  2. Segment your audiences and personalize your campaigns
  3. Improve your ecommerce website’s layout and design to encourage more competed purchases
  4. Create helpful ecommerce content like detailed product descriptions, blogs, and guides
  5. Optimize your content and website for ecommerce SEO
  6. Invest in social media marketing and advertising
  7. Take advantage of pay per click advertising for ecommerce
  8. Encourage repeat sales with email marketing
  9. Nudge undecided customers with remarketing
  10. Invest in mobile marketing technology.


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